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When @maenadscraft take care of the the pitcur…

When @maenadscraft take care of the the pitcure <3

i visited the Hungarian national Museum last M…

i visited the Hungarian national Museum last March.

More pict :

The “ Gardiens du fleuve” in october organized…

The “ Gardiens du fleuve” in october organized a private camp in Switzerland mountain.
Amazing moment we had, sun, hapiness and snow !


I feel I may have made a mistake…

So, for those who’ve known my blog for a while, you know that I’m an archer.

For those who didn’t, there you go.

My mistake might have been that I just bought 12 carbon arrows with screw points from eBay for cheap with free shipping. Like a dozen for maybe AU$26.

My next mistake was, I bought some larp arrow tips, like the big foam ones not the golf ball ones, for about AU$45-50 with free shipping.

I can’t remember the exact amount off the top of my head, but the point is that if they all fit into each other, I’ll have subverted the 6 for $80 larp arrow problem.

The reason I’m getting this shit is because, I went to the Armidale gathering this year at the end of March, it’s held in a pine forest, now as a reenactor Ive currently only got access to padded javelins as a ranged weapon, however if I can get enough people ok with me using these arrows in combat, while using the same rule set for Non-combatant peltasts, I can make a significant difference to my side, more so than with just a sword and shield.

So stay tuned.

Goatworn Armband

Goatworn Armband:

This happened tonight whilst studying for my exam tomorrow morning


Update on my helmet

For the last I dunno months I had a butted mail aventail on it to meet the requirements for combat stating that there must be “protection for the back of neck at least…” and it looked like this

Problem with butted mail like this is it catches on everything.

I ordered a mail aventail (probably designed for a bascinet helmet rather than a spangenhelm) and have spent the afternoon fixing up my helmet, adding this new aventail.

It’s 95% of the way done, now all I need to do is make a small brass hook for the nasal so I can lift up the front to fix it where I held it in the last picture.

This’ll give me the option to unhook it to have a drink instead of having to perform gymnastics to drink like other members do.

I didn’t want to wear a full coif with mail, I get a little claustrophobic and it’s way to hot in Australia to do that.

Always love collaborating with other artists e…

Always love collaborating with other artists esprcially love seeing my leatherwork mixed with @midgaarb picture of the lovely @jadowns_

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Today training went back

Oh good god I forgot how heavy my chainmail is, why is my shield so heavy? It never used to be that heavy?

I also got my first Dane axe lesson today should be fun

I have to trim the aventail on my helmet as it keeps catching on my Hauberk


A new gambeson

I’m starting the gambeson making process, not a historically accurate one, well as historically accurate as for my time period as possible as there aren’t any finds/depictions for the latter half of the Viking era.

It’s basically going to be a short sleeved padded tunic, going for simplicity over beauty, after all its going to be hidden under my mail.

I might change the design to be a jacket front so I can get in and out of it quickly because, well…Australia is hot.

So here’s the first photo dump.

I’m using wool felt underlay as the padding as it’s dense and can be stitched relatively easily, many people in my club use this or old woollen blankets as padding due to ease of access to materials.

And that’s when you decide the universe is tel…

And that’s when you decide the universe is telling you you’ve done your practice for the day…