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Can you imagine Pirate King Elizabeth killing people on the high seas and her final words to them are ‘Say hello to my husband’

#the pirate queen kills you and you meet davy jones and he’s eagerly like ‘did elizabeth have a message for me?!’ #you flash back to your bewildered last moment #’…she said jack is teaching your son to shoot’ #‘oh god no’ says davy jones


I’ve seen this idea floating around where Adrien is an Animagi and transforms into a black cat to befriend Marinette, which is honestly the best thing ever. The first I personally saw of this idea was this fic by Jarl_Deathwolf on AO3 who is thewritewolf here on Tumblr. Wanted to credit him for where I first saw this idea. Love the idea! It’s just so cute. Thought I’d illustrate Marinette complaining to Chat about some other kid in her year. Kept the background very loose because I honestly just wanted to go to bed. 


It is so unbelievably encouraging to see a big published author validate little writers who worry that their work is bad by admitting that that same kind of self consciousness is something they experience as well


Utterly accurate.


@appears I fucking love your writing. ♥️


*stifles a sob* oh my god. This spoke to me in a way nothing else has.







consider: teenagers aren’t apathetic about everything they’re just used to you shitting all over whatever they show excitement about

Teen: *gets a job*


Parents: Well, when I was your age, I already had 5 jobs and was supporting my family

Teen: *gets all A’s*

“I worked really hard!”

Parents: Well, of course you did, this is the expectation, not a celebration.

probably why so many teens take to social media where they can enthusiastically share their interests and achievements and get positive feedback that their parents never gave

Also they only place value on whatever the deem worthy. It only seems like we don’t care because we’re not putting energy into what you say is important.





Via @iamdylancurran (Twitter)


What..the..fuck, Google???

I’m surprised that this post doesn’t contain a link to turn off all of these settings (maybe another version of this post does, who knows)

Go to and this will take you to a page which states what information Google is currently tracking. Each section has a blue slider next to it. Click it and it will come up with a confirmation box, scroll through it and select “pause” and you should be good to go.

I remember how weirded out I was when I used my gmail to buy a plane ticket, and right away the info appeared in my phone calendar, about day, time of flight etc. To some it might even seem convenient, but it’s creepy. It scanned through my personal mail and acquired confidential info about my private life. It’s not normal. I’ve had all my ‘info storing’ options in the Google setting turned off for a while now, and I still don’t feel safe, knowing it’s up to them to do that.

Remember how they got rid of their “don’t be evil” clause a while back….