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Short Introduction to Celtic/Druid Ogham or Ogma Alphabet and How to Use it For Divination

The Celtic’s used a writing system called Ogham or sometimes spelled Ogma which dates hundreds of years BCE (Before the Current Era). Most of the time the credit for the alphabets origins are given to the Druid Priests. As only they could read the meanings of the “Ogham Staves” when they were thrown. The Ogham alphabet consists of 25 different symbols which in turn are associated with specific trees or shrubs.

The alphabet can either be written vertically or horizontally but the actual marking for the symbol or letter always appears on the same side and location on the straight line that all the symbols/letter stem off of.

The Ogham Staves are used as a form of divination. You can use them the same as you would Runes or Tarot cards. To make Ogham Staves they should be craved into a piece of the tree or shrub they are associated with, all 25 pieces of wood should be the exact same length and when possible diameter.

How to use the staves is simple you hold them together in both hands, and roll them on your palms while you ask your question of them (be sure to keep your question clear and concise). When you feel it is time and with the question firmly fixed in your mind you let the staves drop from about 4 to 6 inches off the ground. Those closest to you are the future, the middle ones are for the present, and those furthest away are read for the past which led up to the present which will lead into the future.


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Bad news: your kid is the neighborhood cryptid.

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TIL that the singer Drake’s nickname among his fans in China is “gōng yā”, literally “male duck”, while Kanye West’s nickname in China is “kǎn yé”, which in Beijing dialect means “someone who brags a lot with no actions to follow it up”






I love the hc that Miles uses the hammer Ham gave him on bad guys who are always like “?????” when they see it because it’s a cartoon hammer. They don’t expect it to do any harm really but they’re always wrong. Also, the hammer 100% has cartoony sound effects when Miles uses it and words like “BAM!” appear too.

miles: behold, the hammer of JUSTICE! *pulls hammer out of his pocket with a cartoony ‘wooooooooop’ whistle sound*

Bank Robber, crying: where the fuck,

The hammer is fueled by comedic power. Miles says something like “you look smashing today” and the hammer turns the target into a flat disc. The target is still alive and recovers back to normal later on but the encounter leaves Miles and the criminal heavily traumatized.

#it’s like roger rabbit#he can only use it when it’s funny


Pathway to Egypt

And it’s done! Got this story stuck in my mind for quite awhile now. I’m just glad i’m able to express it out.



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