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Things I’ve made recently in preparation for the Abbey tournament


So I went to Mjolner Bar and restaurant tonight in Melbourne and you’ll never guess what they have on their wall.

A sword from the late 10th to early 11th Century. Got some pretty good photos and would highly recommend the Bar itself for its fantastic aesthetic.

Plus some photos me and my mate took of the 15kg Scotch filled “Mjolnir”


Various stages of in “full kit”

I need a new mail shirt though because this one is about 18kg of all round riveted rings. Instead of having 4:1 solid.

Decided to put everything on because the on season is coming up and I need to see if I have to alter anything.


Excited archery noises


Thought I’d upload the actual video as well, quality is better than on YouTube


Managed to take a video of me shooting today, needed to send it to the bowyer so he could see it in action.

Link to the video:

I lost a good portion of my photos of my trip …

I lost a good portion of my photos of my trip to Norway but at least i still have a few gems like this photo taken with @nornewoven at the sverd i fjell monument where Harold fair hair united all of Norway under one crown in 872. largest of these swords representing kind Harold and the two smaller ones representing the two other defeated kings

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I’m having withdrawals from dressing up in my kit…

All I want to do is do viking shit with my viking friends ffs, playing mount and Blade has not been a good influence on this mood, now all I want to do is pull on my chainmail, lamellar, sword, and spar with my friends.

Why does Australia have to have 36c 85% humidity days?

Ok the thing about reenactment/reproduction sw…

Alright so there’s a common theme in modern sword manufacturing that is:

  • Let’s make sure it’s safe to hit people with -good
  • Let’s make it out of spring steel- good
  • Let’s base the weapon on existing artefacts -Bloody brilliant

Now for the bad things

  • Let’s give them the full length blade but just mill it out of one bar of steel and don’t do any distal tapering -Bad
  • Let’s give the weapon at least a 2mm edge, but rounding that shit off is too time consuming so let’s skip that part – Bad
  • Even
    though the weapon is based on a real artefact with weight included,
    let’s just leave it as is instead of trying for the historical weight.
    -bloody awful

The problem with this practice, is that more
often than not the sword ends up handling like an axe. This is clearly
evident in “Viking” swords.

Most swords from the viking era
ranged between 800g-1100g, and were fairly quick, with the early ones
being designed to hack like earlier spathas through clothing and padded
armour, and the later ones starting to get more tapered to deal with the
rising use of mail (chainmail) on the battlefield like those seen in
MS1.33. included below are some examples of my current swords and their
respective weights using an electric kitchen scale.

This is the current sword I use when I’m on the field, it’s just shy of 80cm overall and is technically a Norwegian Langseax, I bought it 2 years ago at the Armidale Gathering, a Bi-annual event held in the Armidale pine forest in NSW.

It’s a one of a kind sword I bought from JJ Francis, a fairly well known blacksmith in the Australian re-enactment circuit, for $250 on the day, and fought with it an hour later. So far I haven’t found a better sword.

This is the live sword I bought from, a company based near Sydney, it’s a fairly accurate representation of the weapons from 1066 onwards, except for it’s weight. This sword suffers from no distal taper syndrome, it’s based off of a Type X(10) “brazil nut” or “Gjaddhalt” sword that became popular around this time period. Examples of this sword type that have been found, range in weights between 900-1100g with a great deal of point control. This sword I bought earlier this year, just after my birthday in March, and though I love it, It really suffers from the stigma of European swords being labelled as huge cleavers, but as I’m only using it for live target displays at events it’s not so bad, though if I were placed in a live duel, I’d choose to sharpen my current sword, or use my axe instead.

Now we get to the Elephant in the room, Deepeeka. Deepeeka is a company based out of India that is known for making some very cheap historical replicas. This sword I bought 4 years ago at Viking Culture Day 2013(? could have been 2012) I don’t remember how much I paid for it, the thing that drew me to this sword was the fact that it looked like a viking sword, it had the five lobed pommel, the scabbard that came with it was “accurate” enough that you could get away with it, it had the blunt edges for reenactment/stage fighting use, and It was cheap. What I forgot to think about, was how heavy this thing is. Now when you’re fighting with any weapon, point of balance is important, example, pick up a hammer, where’s the weight? right up the tip yeah? that’s what this thing feels like, an axe or a hammer.

Ok, so finally we have the blade of my very first sword, this is the blade from’s viking reenactment sword, currently i have it stripped bare as the handle broke and I’m repairing it. This sword, from tip to tip is the full 31 inches, I learnt how to fight with this sword, it when all assembled weighs about 1.2kg. The problem with this sword is that they have been proven to be somewhat unreliable, firstly the weld that was keeping the pommel to the blade cracked and I ended up casting the blade into the dirt going for a thigh shot, then some of the ones that other members bought, snapped during combat, needless to say that our group now steers clear of these swords when possible, just incase.

Now, when holding these weapons in your bare hands they’re manageable, however, once you armour up, less so.

Due to the fact that we like to keep our fingers intact, we wear steel/leather/chainmail gauntlets that add about 800g to the sword arm. The add the vambrace, more often than not people go with leather, some like myself go for leather with steel splints because we’d rather have it just incase a Dane Axe meets your radius, which will weigh around the same.

So now you have to ask, you’ve already got 1.6kg hanging off your shoulder, how much do you want your sword to weigh?

Lots of the time, we see people say “you don’t lot ok like you’re swinging it that hard, it shouldn’t hurt when you get hit by such a slow moving object” , Nah mate, unlike the stage fighting you see in movies, we strike with enough force for it to be felt through the armour, so to accelerate and stop the weapons enough to have an actual duel with someone sometimes looks slow, but it really isn’t. People get hurt, break bones, lose teeth etc, it’s the same as if you were to go to a martial arts tournament, just looks a hell of a lot different.

The importance of having the appropriate weapon weight is down to safety, the lighter the weapon, the quicker it moves to intercept the enemy’s weapon and respond.

I’ll add to this once my new sword arrives, I bought this,

It should weigh around 1100g as it’s advertised at 2.7lb, but has a distal taper that is still safe to use in combat. I decided to bite the bullet and buy this because it was on sale, $150 USD for the sword, on sale from $375 USD with $180 shipping to Australia, which i think is scandalous but they were the rates i was given, all amounting to around $450 AU.

This should hopefully be a good investment, I’ve heard bad things about their 2 handed sword having VERY skinny tangs, but this leaves me hoping that they won’t have messed this up as it’s designed to be taken into Battle of Nations according to the information given on the web page.

If nothing else, It will become my dress sword if it’s unable to be used safely for combat, because those fittings look nice.


I did a bad thing…

I bought a sword…..