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Went to the beach with a friend yesterday and took some photos



NSW State election

Hi to all the Aussies on here.

I’m going to make this short and sweet because it’s important and boring at the same time.

If you don’t want Australia to end up having a healthcare system like the USA, as trainee Registered Nurse, I urge you all to vote Literally anyone but the Liberals or the National party.

The North shore Hospital in Sydney that’s so underfunded and overworked that they had new Doctors working 110hr work weeks, trainee nursing staff not even able to to blood transfusions.

The Liberal party has stated in its own documents, that the North shore Hospital, which is now a private hospital, is a prototype for the rest of the state.

So when the 23rd comes around, check who sends their votes to the Libs, and put them all last.

I’ll say it again, if you don’t want us to end up like the USA with their healthcare system, vote Nationals and Liberals last.


Thought I’d upload the actual video as well, quality is better than on YouTube


Now that the bug is back on the road, I can go out for lunch in style again 😂






so my roomates girlfriend just caught me in the kitchen and its so hard to play it cool when you never see this person you only hear her yowling like a cat in heat while her asshole gets played with so me, trying to act as casual as i possibly could, forgot i was holding an onion and not a delightful apple and bit into it fully expecting a honeycrisp but instead got the equiv of biting solid piss 

lol wtaf. i can’t read a single word of this paragraph

Ok but imagine being the gf here

You’ve been chillin with ur S/O and u decide to get up and get a snack. U never talk to ur S/O’s roommate, but u wanna play it cool like u didn’t just have sex 20 minutes ago in this apartment while said roommate was probably home. Awk af, but u got this.

U look up and nod at them, about to offer a noncommittal “hey” or “how’s it going,” when the fucking roommate just

Looks u dead in the eyes

And fuckin

Bites a goddamn onion like an apple

Tony Abbot is that you?

Utter legend, man wears bear carton as mask to…

Utter legend, man wears bear carton as mask to mess up speed camera: undefined


Merry Christmas from Australia

Try not to be arseholes today alright?


Ozzi Summer

It’s currently 36c with 70% humidity, tomorrow will be 40c with 80%