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Back on my bullshit again making a gambeson this time using an old tunic as a pattern and outer shell.

So eventually it’ll be based off the Oseberg tunic.

Once again may I say, fuck stitching etc.

Things I’ve made recently in preparation for the Abbey tournament

Happy winter solstice from the southern hemisphere

Mucked around with shooting thumb draw today, with I’d have been able to get a better(more flattering) angle.

Before anyone starts, I’ve been shooting for nearly a decade, my elbow and shoulders were locked, yes I should have aimed with my hips more instead of my arms but I was trying to lob the arrow high and down into the centre of the footy pitch.

I’ve noticed that the thumbdraw with that flick at the end sends the arrow pretty damn straight, I’m going to keep practicing with it and hope that next time I get the chance to shoot I’ll have a better camera angle

Update on the knife, handle is coming to shape, I’d like to make it thinner from the guard back about an inch or so including the guard, but it’s slow going with hand tools.

So I went to Mjolner Bar and restaurant tonight in Melbourne and you’ll never guess what they have on their wall.

A sword from the late 10th to early 11th Century. Got some pretty good photos and would highly recommend the Bar itself for its fantastic aesthetic.

Plus some photos me and my mate took of the 15kg Scotch filled “Mjolnir”

Various stages of in “full kit”

I need a new mail shirt though because this one is about 18kg of all round riveted rings. Instead of having 4:1 solid.

Decided to put everything on because the on season is coming up and I need to see if I have to alter anything.

Excited archery noises

Started some arrows for tomorrow’s school demonstration.

I’ve already got 4 made up for armour piercing purposes, but I intend on making several that are just target points for regular shooting

Thought I’d upload the actual video as well, quality is better than on YouTube