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Just added 13 replica bead designs to the shop…

Just added 13 replica bead designs to the shop based on Birka findings! I am also lucky enough to own a few Birka beads found in Essex and was able to get some up close details to recreate these beads as close to the originals as possible. Go to to get yours!

Fun fact there is written evidence from a traveling merchant that claims the norse people had laws in place stating that a single green bead was worth at least one silver coin!

Also beads were worn by men and women alike, because it was a light weight currency you could easily travel with a lot of beads. Easily carried in your pouch or dangling from your belt or turtle brooches in the traditional fashion.

It has been a gendered stigma for a long time that only women carried beads luckily to modern technology, its been discovered tons of viking age graves equally male, female and children commonly had beads with them.

So i challenge you all grab some beads attach it to your garb and start trading beads with the next viking you come across!

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