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The first round of fights have started, here’s the English link

Here are some pictures of the Marion and Jeste…

Here are some pictures of the Marion and Jester photoshoot that @pearlybae and I did back in October!  Pearl was AMAZING and found a hotel with a gorgeous staircase, and I flew in on a Friday after work.  We started getting in costume at midnight, started filming and shooting at 3 AM when the hotel was almost empty, and were collapsed and in bed by 6 AM.  I’m not sure I’m up to do that all the time but we got such nice pictures and video out of it, and it gave me a reason to start listening to Critical Role!  

I’ll be wearing Marion again at Katsucon next weekend and we’re having a Saturday evening meetup – click here for the event if you’re interested in dropping by!

Edit: CRAP I forgot to include credit for the photos, which were taken by @artofnanacai on Instagram!!