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Some more progress on Margaret from last night and today! I’ve got the jacket about 95% done and am working on repurposing my Mindfang journal as her grimoire. I used a couple of layers of cardstock and Barge to simulate an embossed leather cover.


Me last week: sews 100+ stitch lines a day while quilting

Me this week: takes four days to finish five seams


Hey guys! I haven’t been great at posting progress here on Tumblr, but here’s one of my projects for Katsucon, Margaret from the Persona series. I spent most of the weekend topstitching this suiting fabric to some batting in big 2" squares for the quilted look on her jacket, then finally got to some of the coat assembly today. I’ve also been learning to better use the 3D printer I got about two months ago and designed some huge cover buttons for the front of her coat. The outer ring was printed in green PLA (the color I had loaded at the time), sanded and primed with a glossy spray paint, and molded with silicone. I cast a bunch of copies using very fine gold glitter from Mehron, which was recommended to me by @andsewingishalfthebattle a long time ago. I really like the way they turned out!

Cosplay progress for tonight!  I’ve really got…

Cosplay progress for tonight!  I’ve really gotten back into the Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix, and Lirael is a character I’ve wanted to cosplay for a long time.  There are a lot of things about her outfit that involve skills that I want to learn/practice (leatherworking, casting, goldwork, possibly even shoe making?) so I decided, screw it, now’s as good of a time as any to start working on pieces for her.

Right now I’m working on a soapstone Dog!  This is one night’s progress carving with a hand knife and a dremel attachment for the area around the legs.  It’s funny because she’s described numerous times petting it like a real dog, and like… I didn’t realize soapstone would feel so nice to hold.  It’s got a nice weight to it and feels very silky – I can totally see why Lirael would want to hang on to a little figurine like this.

I think this particular model might have to be a practice piece, because there’s a large, hard inclusion in the back where the shoulder blades should be that seems to go fairly deep into the stone.  I’m not sure I can work around it, but I have two other stone blocks to practice with.

Progress from last night! I have to hand sew t…

Progress from last night! I have to hand sew the braid onto the bottom edge of the wig, but otherwise the Amethyst wig is done! It is an Arda Grace Classic in Dark Lavender with matching long wefts for the braid, tinted slightly with red RIT Dyemore. The plastic pieces are tinted Transpart, with cellophane and mylar adhered to the underside of the Transpart with Elmer’s spray adhesive.

I’ll be wearing Amethyst this Sunday at Cosplay America!

Amethyst progress for tonight! I modified the …

Amethyst progress for tonight! I modified the Moonstone pattern from Heycutsew for the uniform, and the Transpart pieces for the wig are coming along. Now that the uniform is finished I can focus on getting the wig done for this weekend!

Crossposting from my Instagram stories – THE B…

Crossposting from my Instagram stories – THE BEHEMOTH IS NEARLY DONE AND ACTUALLY FITS ON MY HEAD.

I should be wearing Pincushion this Saturday at Acen!

We went to a castle for a shoot today! Also @p…

We went to a castle for a shoot today! Also @pearlybae is TOO DANG CUTE in her Yona costume!!

More progress on Carmen’s mask! I made a…

More progress on Carmen’s mask! I made a silicone mold of the exterior with Moldstar 20T, with a two-part mother mold out of plaster bandages. I did a slush cast of the inside with some Ecoflex 00-20, but things turned out a lot bumpier on the inside than I had hoped. I’m trying to even out the thickness in the back of the cap by doing a second coat of Ecoflex and pressing it into the back of the mold with a balloon. I’m kind of bummed I couldn’t find a non-latex balloon so I included a layer of plastic wrap between the balloon and the Ecoflex so that the latex wouldn’t interfere with the cure of the silicone. Hopefully I’ll be able to demold tomorrow night!

Current progress on Carmen’s chest piece…

Current progress on Carmen’s chest piece! I decided I wanted to cast one out of pink Ecoflex so that I won’t have to worry about any modesty issues. This will also let me like… put the boobs wherever I want in relation to the rest of my torso, because hers sit up really high as if they’re supported by a corset even though her corset is extremely open in the front. So I’ll end up wearing two corsets for this – one for actual support and waist cinching, then the chest piece, then the costume corset on the outside.

My headcast mold also covers my collarbone and shoulders so it was a really good shape to start with. I love Monster Clay because you can melt it in the oven and pour it into a mold, then tweak the shape as it cools. It saved me a lot of work on having to sculpt my neck and collarbones! I still have a lot of finishing to do but I think this is the general shape I want.