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Things I’ve made recently in preparation for the Abbey tournament

The first round of fights have started, here’s the English link

Various stages of in “full kit”

I need a new mail shirt though because this one is about 18kg of all round riveted rings. Instead of having 4:1 solid.

Decided to put everything on because the on season is coming up and I need to see if I have to alter anything.

Excited archery noises

Started some arrows for tomorrow’s school demonstration.

I’ve already got 4 made up for armour piercing purposes, but I intend on making several that are just target points for regular shooting

Thought I’d upload the actual video as well, quality is better than on YouTube

How is the translation from French to English going on the documents emailed from the French museum curator supporting a previously unknown armour type in the 11th Century going? And the reconstruction plans?

Alright, strap In for a bit of a post then mate.

Firstly some back story, in October 2017 I found this image made by a company called “Steel Mastery” which is a European armour smithing group.


I saw these posted on facebook and went, “nah fuck off that’s real, from the 11thC?” 

So I found the museum and emailed them, in my best google translate french as I’m Australian and have no understanding of the french language apart from “Parle vu Anglais?” which i probably just butchered but meh. They never got back to me so I left it alone for a couple of months, then I saw the post again and decided “fuck it I’ll email them and send a copy of the message to their facebook page as well”

and then lo and behold they responded with this


and a PDF document of the finds. which if anyone is interested I will email it to them because for some reason Tumblr wont let me add it to this post.

With this info, a member of my club posted the find on and waited for the “armour experts” to comment on it, think of it as basically like submitting your paper to a university and waiting on the professors to say if it has merit or not. 

link here:

So while the “armour experts” believe that it isn’t armour, they can’t prove it wasn’t armour either because without a time machine we can’t actually go back and see it or not. 

However this leads us into the grey zone of “lack of evidence is not evidence of lack” that many reenactors use to justify their kit. With the main argument being that “The most common threat on any battlefield was from arrows and spears. The construction in that photo would be useless against those weapons. Any time small plates are used to make armour, they are assembled so that they overlap.” to which my answer is, the most common form of protection on the battlefield against spears and arrows is held in your left hand, a big fucking shield. 

So take it with a grain of salt, or in my case, a couple of handfuls of salt, I believe that it could’ve been used and is a much easier set of armour to smith for the Frankish man at arms than a coat of riveted mail. 

I haven’t bothered to really translate any more of it as I’ve gone back to UNI to study nursing again and that’s taking up 90% of my time nowadays. 

Goatworn Armband:

This happened tonight whilst studying for my exam tomorrow morning

Love this photo from @jadowns_ one of the most bad ass shieldmaidens on here if you ask me, wearing mjolnir, belt and iron age warcuffs from my shop

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Update on my helmet

For the last I dunno months I had a butted mail aventail on it to meet the requirements for combat stating that there must be “protection for the back of neck at least…” and it looked like this

Problem with butted mail like this is it catches on everything.

I ordered a mail aventail (probably designed for a bascinet helmet rather than a spangenhelm) and have spent the afternoon fixing up my helmet, adding this new aventail.

It’s 95% of the way done, now all I need to do is make a small brass hook for the nasal so I can lift up the front to fix it where I held it in the last picture.

This’ll give me the option to unhook it to have a drink instead of having to perform gymnastics to drink like other members do.

I didn’t want to wear a full coif with mail, I get a little claustrophobic and it’s way to hot in Australia to do that.