Author: Reenactment Of The Age Of Revolution

Ah, tooth pain is it madam?

Our First Event Of the Season: undefined

A very successful first event portraying a surgeon in the Royal Navy, wearing the coat I made.

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Amongst other projects, here is a 1790’s Royal Navy midshipman’s coat I have made.


I have just finished binding this 1740’s edition of A Treatise of The Operations of Surgery.

A few of the guys and I put on a Georgian banquet this month as part of a training weekend. Great spread!

Charity shop find of the day.

A blue and white porcelain tea bowl.

It’s not 100% right but it will make for a lovely piece for my coffee house.

I’ve just painted this large white bowl with a Delft style design of around the 1770’s.

It will serve as a punch bowl in my coffee house.

Currently looking at a few silver ladles on eBay which would finish this set off beautifully.

Your Servant,

Mr. Radford

I’ve been busy!

A 1780’s frock coat of beautiful dove grey wool.

The bulk of the coat is now complete and I’m just working on the adornments like these death head buttons.