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We made this gorgeous armour in collaboration with our customer Boris Výborčík relying on the research made by Tobias Capwell, with great respect to his impact in 15c history and reenactment.
The armour reflects the equipment of the english knight of 1410-1430, the period that covers one of the great battles of the Hundred Years war between English and France – the Agincourt battle.
The period armour is characterized by full protection of the knight’s body (in combination with chainmail elements), but some constructive elements are still being evolved from the 14c first “white” armour to the classical milanese or gothic 15c armour that we know.
This exact armour was made for armoured HEMA fencing, so we needed to get maximum flexibility leaving all historical details in place. No buhurt optimization, no compromises – fully historical armour with all the regional and period details.
This armour is made with carbon steel, fully hardened, matches the historical sample.

Folks if you are interested in learning how to fight in armor check out  HEMA Harnischfechten and Knyght Errant and the armored section of the wiktenauer website and the  Gladiatoria: Fighting in Armor youtube playlist.

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