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What a punch

This is assault and illegal. He may spew nothing but bile but his right to free speech must be protected

Ain’t nobody throwing him in prison, so his freedom of speech isn’t being violated.

Also, learn what speech is exempt from it, like, for instance, fighting words. Words that by their very utterance inflict injury, and speech that incites an immediate breach of the peace, kind of like, yknow, saying you want to exterminate all of their kind of people. Basically, talk shit get hit is 100% protected.

I swear people that yell about Freeze Peach have no idea what it means. If you provoke someone and then they act on that provication, then it’s on you, not them.

Freedom of speech just means the government can’t tell you what to say. 

first amendment protects you from the government, not my pissed off queer fists

you may also notice he actively hand signs, while farting out of his face-anus, a pretty much universal ‘yeah come over here if youre tough’ which he promptly drops one second later when he realizes the consequence for his actions are imminent