6 hrs until i turn nineteen and all i can think abt is that when i was 15 i literally thought id just. never get this far bc i felt so horrible all the time and now im in my second year of college, i have 2 jobs that i like, i like my art progression (most of the time), and ive been in therapy off and on for about a year. it hasnt gotten better, but its become a smaller part of my life. so i guess if youre feeling similarly to how i did four years ago uhhh. hold on tightly.

this isnt to say im doing perfect or that you need to be perfect. im crying in my room rn bc i feel really lonely and im scared of aging but the point isnt that the point is that i havent done this in months. its improvement

Hey mate, happy birthday.

I know that feeling, at 24 I’m at uni studying to be a nurse, I’m one of the older students in the course.

It sounds stupid, but don’t think about it, that’s what I try to do.

And don’t worry about being alone, we’re all here if you need to send out a message to feel reassured.