Yikes, I haven’t been on here for a while!  He…

Yikes, I haven’t been on here for a while!  Here’s some pictures of what I’ve been up to recently, with a small life update/costume rambling under the cut.

Legolas Greenleaf: @ivorivet

Photographer: @imploder

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet here on Tumblr!  I just realized I haven’t made a post on my cosplay account in months, even though I’ve been chugging away at stuff.  When I started using Instagram I didn’t intend to become less active on Tumblr, but I think my drop off in use is due to Tumblr Mobile being so broken that it makes it hard to blog about my WIP stuff.  It’s way easier to throw stuff up on my Instagram stories than wait for Tumblr to choke on an image upload. :I  I’ll try to be more consistent about posting here!

Anyway, here’s my Legolas cosplay I made for Dragon Con!  He’s far from finished – I just managed to get his very basic outfit together with not much else.  I’m really pleased with how everything turned out so far despite being thrown together in less time than I thought I’d have. The bracers and the tunic are probably my favorite pieces so far – the former are made from leather that I had a great time forming and painting, and the latter is made from two types of synthetic suede that I’m reeeeally pleased with the color matching on.  The wig is an Amazon wig that I ventilated some Arda fiber to to customize the hairline, the shirt is dupioni silk with ridiculous underarm lacing that you can’t see in these photos, and the pants are some fakey fake stretch suede that were the only fabric that I had to dye for this project.  YAY.  The current belt is a stand-in I bought from at a Ren Faire the weekend before Dragon Con, because I wanted to sleep instead of tool leather for 5+ hours.  I’ve got his actual belts in the works, though!

Currently I’m trying to recover from the con season and also get a new workspace in order for doing messy non-sewing stuff, but pretty soon I should be starting work on Legolas’s Lothlorien quiver and other gear.