WHY DOES EVERYONE ASSUME THOR DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING??! He literally smiles every time someone falls for his “I’m just a dumb jock” routine. Guys, he grew up with Loki, he went to university, he’s been alive for over a millennia. His flaw in the first Thor movie was that he had too much hubris, not that he was stupid.

He knows that he can play dumb and get out of any situation. Do you all not see that sheepish smirk he always does? 

Thor: Ragnarok only confirms what the first two movies were hinting at – Thor is very intelligent and can even pull one over on Loki when he wants to. After the events in The Avengers, he knows Loki’s true feelings about him and that’s why he’s so emotional in The Dark World and why he’s always teasing him in Ragnarok.

@unstatedmartini: #i’m 200% sure that they had another game called Terribly Sorry#hey. let’s do Terribly Sorry.#no. it’s humiliating.#not for me it’s not.#*cue thor being fake-stupid and fake-clumsy and fake-drunk and real loud*#*loki following along waving his hands nervously* terribly sorry! oh dear! my brother can be such a brute! terribly sorry!#and they’re long gone before anyone realizes that the Important Magic Thingy or Super Secret Map is gone