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@aspectofbacchus replied: This post converted me to Christianity

Good. That’s where statically classist, misogynistic, nationalist and racist views usually find their home in the modern world, sad as it is that any religion would be made into something it originally wasn’t.

@blackmetalbitch replied: What the Fuck?! Stop fagging up my religion. The Norse warriors were not a bunch of hippy queers. They slaughtered Christians and sacrificed their own to please the gods. They weren’t twinks in T-shirts. Fuck off.

Says you to a Nordic citizen born and bred in the Nordic community. All the while vikings never made any conscious effort to spread their beliefs (p. 4, “Adoption of Christianity to Scandinavia, Iceland and Finland”), and the most conventional sacrifice gifts for pagan gods were certainly not people, but horses, weapons and silver:

Man offrade till de olika gudarna beroende på vad man ville ha. Olika
djur som hästar och tjurar dödades och blodet samlades upp i skålar.
Detta var själva offret. Ibland beströk man avgudabilderna med blod.
Ibland hetsade man hingstar att slåss mot varandra till en av dem
stupade. Man offrade aldrig hästar till Frej, då man trodde att han var
särskilt förtjust i detta djur. Vikingarna
offrade också vapen till sina gudar. Svärd bröts eller böjdes och
kastades på elden. Ibland lades de också i gravhögar.

“People offered to all the different gods depending on what they wanted to get in return. Different animals, like horses and oxen were killed and the blood was gathered. That was the offer itself. Sometimes god-statues could be wetted with the blood. Sometimes people made stallions fight against each other until the other fell. Freyr was never offered horses, for people believed that he held those animals especially dear to himself. Vikings also offered weapons to their gods. Swords would be broken or bent and thrown to a fire. Sometimes they were also placed in burial mounds.”

Source for kids still learning about vikings 🙂 

@castle-engineer reblogged: “We worship paganism because it is a connection to our ancestors and honoring our heratage.” Five minutes later: “Paganism
is about what I want to be about even if it means ignoring or flat out
changing what my ancestors believed and did, and pissing all over my

Said heritage (you spelled it wrong buddy) being common democracy and gender equality in profession and posessions (vikings), end of slavery and serfdom (middle ages), wide and open trade (hanseatic league, viking eastern route), universal schooling (lutheran orthodoxy of 1600s), and the welfare state model with its public services funded by moderate income redistribution ie. taxes (aptly called ”the Nordic model” in social sciences).

Every nazi I piss off makes my day a little bit better.