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“So I’m at a black owned restaurant and this yt woman was very very pressed that an employee was eating on his break in uniform. She went to the cashier and asked for their district manager, the store manager and wanted to have a card with the owners contact info and then went on to rant about how it’s unprofessional to have him in the front of house eating while the restaurant is opened. The cashier calmly told her that they did not have a break room and legally he couldn’t stay in the back while he was on break.

Then she started crying and said he was looking at her suggestively and she felt threatened. She said she was gonna call the police and now she’s outside.


Police came and talked to her outside then came inside to talk to the boy (who’s only 17) and the manager. They apologized for having to come and then went outside to talk to the old lady. They came in after and said they told her that she had to leave the business and asked her not to come back.”

Niska Marie


This is just demonic. You called the police on a kid at work… who probably didn’t even look up from his phone to notice you.

Once again white women weaponizing the police against Black people. How you call the cops on a teenager at their JOB. And if he wasn’t working she would’ve claimed he’s lazy and his family was on welfare. Y’all ww have a serious problem