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Look at this shit. The incel crisis is becoming an epidemic.

But I mean just look at the physiognomy on this fucking guy.

Also I’m praying this guy doesn’t commit some sort of mass violence. He has a “Trump confederate flag” in his fb header.

Bro, the whole time i was reading this I was thinking this was some joke or a commentary on how creepy men can be, but no, this nigga was dead ass. This shit scary lmao and I hope the nigga he bit don’t got rabies, look at this nigga teeth 🤢🤮

Shit like this is horrifying

What the fuck

What in the blue fuck is going on here? His face made me shudder

He’s definitely super creepy, but you don’t need to bring looks into it. Conventionally attractive guys can be just as creepy, don’t fool yourself.


Shit like this? This is why I don’t trust men. Thank god Michelle had a boss who believed her and was willing to back her up. This boy’s father sounds like a goddamn prize too – if you want proof that it’s taught, it’s right there.

Jesus Christ, I showed this to my dad (psych nurse of 30+ years) and he reckons he needs some serious mental health counseling and rehabilitation, but looking at what he wrote I doubt he’d believe there’s anything wrong with himself and not go unless it was court mandated.