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Cute kid and all. Seems nice enough. 

But we should all be aware that he may, perhaps, one day turn into the Damien-like antagonist of every B horror film you’ve ever seen and rule over the serfs of the free world with a cruel iron fist.

Since the Royal Family is supported by hundreds of millions of pounds yearly that is taken from workers, the poor, the sick and the elderly causing them to live in misery and die in squalor, I’d say little George is responsible for quite a few deaths already.

@professorelemental Are you American? Because that would explain why you assume that in the UK, people DIE because they’re so poor thanks to a constitutional monarchy (which literally costs the taxpayer one pound a year). You see, this country has social security and everyone has healthcare. literally. Everyone. That means NO ONE dies because they have no healthcare. NO ONE.

The monarchy might be ‘outdated’, but it’s certainly not guilty of actual murder.  Universal healthcare is not considered a breach of freedom, but rather a human right. Countries who pretend to be too modern for monarchies have that problem. While, in fact, countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden… all have obligatory health care AND a constitutional monarchy that’s taxpayer funded. The previously mentioned countries are well known for having among the best social security systems in the world, and are among the best scoring in poverty ratings.

You don’t have to like monarchies, but don’t blame them for for people living in misery and dying in squalor. I suggest you find someone else not a four-year-old who probably still occasionally needs a diaper at night, who also happens to live in a country where 100% of the population has health care.  

Again: Royalty in most first world countries is just a tourism thing.

Staggers me sometimes the American commentary on the royal family, like… It’s £1 a year and they bring in a lot of tourism money, are Soft Power Central™ and their powers aren’t really used