Fight for the internet is not over yet


Hello if your aware on june 11 net neutrality expare from the the books however it’s going to be a slow death.

* The fight is still not over

we still have a fighting chance they not going to start doing werid shit right away  here are the many way’s we going to fight 

* the CRA that’s in the house right now

we had a major victory in the senate all thank’s to you you did this but now it’s in the house it’s a uphill battle and so was the u.s senate keep calling your reps and till them to sign on to the discharge petition that mike doyle is doing right now.

* FCC lawsuit 

despite attorney general Eric scnheiderman resign do to the #metoo movement we stiil have a lawsuit that’s now lead by barbara underwood seen bellow

That’s barbara underwood the new attorney general that’s leading 23 state’s to block the fcc destrorying are right’s for the internet along with six major tech company such microsoft or netflix. keep note  this lawsuit is rolling into one meaning they will be fighting together. there more people fighting for us in the court’s then the isp

*vote for the midterm

judgeing how republican party are abraham lincoln is rolling on his grave right now and by the look’s of it america is fed up with with the g.o.p  and that xenopobic asshole donald trump  so please vote democrat not only that look them up alot of them are pro net neutrality but look them up they could be taking money from isp.

*don’t give up 

let me tell you this this is not permenant we can still get this back on the books no matter how long it take’s we need the internet to look for jobs apply for healthcare and etc, we have to keep this topic a float so that we can here this more in the 2020 election and the midterm.

good luck everyone don”t give up we still have hope

Hey, chin up. I know the night just got darker, but it won’t last forever.

nick valetine Fallout 4 (2015) (i know it’s a video game quote but feels relivent)