A lot of people dislike The Fellowship of the Ring because it spends so much time faffing around in the Shire, but that’s precisely why it’s my favorite. The whole series is a lot more enjoyable when you remember that Frodo spent years sighing melodramatically and thinking he was some poor tortured soul who must leave home in secrecy and solitude for a mysterious fate…. but literally all of his friends knew he had a secret evil ring and made all his travel plans for him behind his back. 

Like. He paced around going “woe is me! such a burden I must carry!” so obviously that his whole squad accepted the fact that they’d all go on a dangerous international adventure with him because Frodo the Drama Queen could not be expected to take care of himself.

I love Hobbits.

Also they accomplished it via the Power of Gossip and the only reason Frodo himself didn’t pick up on it is because he vastly underestimates the intelligence of every single other hobbit he knows bc he thinks he is Special he’s such a condescending ass and I Love him

Frodo: “I must confess… I have some bad news for you. I have not been totally honest. I can’t tell you everything, but–”

His entire social group: “Is this about how you’re the new bearer of the One Ring and need to take it out of the Shire to be destroyed? Yeah, dude, we know. We’re all packed and ready to go whenever.”

Frodo: “But but but but but! How did you know? How could you EVER figure out my SECRETS?!”

His entire social group: “Gee, Frodo, I don’t know… maybe you’re a pretentious dumbass and we aren’t the bumbling fools you think we are?”

Everyone: [immediately parties in the bathtub]