Apparently people have been adopting dogs and either killing them themselves or dropping them to a kill shelter (and one even said they were flying them to poor Asian areas to be eaten) under the Twitter hashtag #pitbulldropoff

This is completely cruel and evil and word needs to get around about these demons so everyone knows what these demons are planning to do to dogs once they get ahold of them.

If you know someone or if you yourself is planning to give away a pitty by craigslist soon, DONT and wait for awhile!!!! They act like they’re going to adopt them and act all nice then they get rid of them, don’t be fooled!!

DM me for uncensored names!!!!!!!!

Someone should tell these people I will fucking end them.

What the actual fuck?!? This is outrageous and disgusting!

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The reason these “demons” are killing pitball puppies is because of how many children/babies pitbulls have killed

Every single breed of dog has the potential to kill. Every. Single. One. I have encountered far more violent dalmatians, chowchows, chihuahuas, and others compared to pitbulls. You are disgusting if you think the reported pitbull attacks can justify killing off an entire breed you vile excuse for a human being. 

I am a veterinary science major who has studied many breeds and their behaviors and other traits. You don’t think labs have killed kids? That goldens haven’t? Pitbull attacks are the ones that are showed to media the most, while other instances of breeds attacking is kept on the downlow because of the appearances and stigmas around the breed. The main reasons for pitbull attacks? Their owners. Either they were abused or were not kept inside. Many attacks by dogs are also energetic excited pooches wanting to play but not knowing their strength (it’s how my doberman has left me scratched up).

 I have been attacked by chow mixes, labs, collies, etc, but never a pitbull. I have a pit and she has only ever saved my life MULTIPLE times. You can’t justify the murder of an entire breed.

Killing a breed won’t save kids, responsible dog owners will.



Say it louder for the assholes in the back


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This is so awful. I want to cry.

Pitbulls are super sweet dogs! You can’t make a claim to a certain breed because of how people think they are. If you raise a dog correctly, they shouldn’t be violent. And any species of dog has the potential to kill.

You all know me. I’m typically a halo blogger exclusively. But this is unacceptable. No animal deserves to entrusted to someone who is supposed to protect and love them only to be harmed. Humans should be better. We can’t seem to get our act together and treat each other decently, but you’d think at least we could start with an animal that does nothing but show us loyalty and love.


If I found out anyone I knew did this, I’d promptly punch them in the face and then take them to the police station