How to Tell if Your Ancestors Owned Slaves








1. Are you a white person descended from other white people?

Yes? Well then they owned slaves. Shut up about your G-pa being a civil rights activist.

Test Over

wow my Irish ancestors who didn’t come over until after the civil war and who were poor as fuck sure did own slaves,,,,, and my Ukranian ancestors,,,,,, my v v poor Ukrainian ancestors,,,,,

oh man my peasant jewish ukranian ancestors are going to be so pissed about these slaves they didnt know they had goddamn

My Russian peasant ancestors who legally lived like slaves under the Tsars would like a word.

At the height of slavery, only 2% of Americans owned slaves (and not all of them were white). Might wanna actually use that organ inside of your skull – it’s called a brain and it can do stuff like think so you don’t act like a brainless idiot.

I’m more impressed with the fact that this person seems to think that the 1.6% of white slave owners managed to father all of the white children so that every white person today is somehow descended from .008% (or so) of the entire world population… I mean, that’s some crazy feat right there. 

Well that backfired magnificently