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Customized Nordic bind-rune necklace

8 € or 10 USD (international shipping included)

Nordic/Viking bind-rune amulet made to order! The runes are pyrographed onto birch or juniper wood then painted with a natural pine tree resin. Have the runes’ energy with you wherever you go or give it as a gift to a special one 🙂 Choose up to:

  • 8 runes to be combined into a centric pattern.
  • 3 runes to be combined into a overlay or juxtaposed pattern.

You can have the runes made to represent specific purpose (luck, love, courage, etc.) or to have your or someone’s name initials.

#Item description:

  • * Approximate dimensions: 3 cm x 3 cm x 3 mm (thickness)
  • * Polished juniper or birch wood
  • * Protected with pine tree resin
  • * Approximate weight: 5 g
  • * Made of up-cycled leather, wood, and brass
  • * 3 pattern options: centric, juxtaposed, or overlay.

Note: If you are allergic to brass or copper, I can replace it for leather.

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