Cellulite is a female secondary sex characteristic and should be celebrated as a rite of womanhood, not despised or eradicated.

it’s really a secondary sex characteristic?! 

It is. It has to do with the way our bodies network fat. Female bodies create sort of a mesh network to support fat (female bodies are MUCH more hardy in times of stress) and it can present as delightfully lumpy. More than 90% of women have visible cellulite, but all women store fat in this manner.

why did no one tell me this?!

You know why :/

Spread this. I only just started to see mine and I started to freak out a bit. More people should/need to know about this

Here’s an illustration of the aforementioned difference in fat storage.

Men’s lattice pattern collagen threads holds subcutaneous fat in a way that, when the skin expands because of the fat storage, it expands evenly. Women’s “pockets” expand unevenly when we accumulate fat, creating that orange peel effect. Our storage pattern means we can healthily store more fat than men. Like a woman with 25% body fat is average, a man with 25% body fat is chubby. Because of that, like OP said, women are hardier in times of stress or famine. It’s also one of the reasons why our bodies can survive pregnancy, which is a massive energy demand on our system.

And there’s absolutely NO “treatment” for cellulite that will work. They are all bullshit designed to separate you from your hard-earned cash. It’s a secondary sex characteristic, it’s perfectly normal and it’s not going away no matter what you do. Like I’m very lean myself and I work out 5~6 times a week, and I still have cellulite. Someone giving a woman shit for having cellulite is akin to giving her shit for having skin. It’s just a mixture of misogyny and corporate greed.

Love your lumpy skin, ladies. It means you are a badass surviving machine shaped by millenia of evolution.

I did not know this, and I pride myself on knowing shit like this.