fuckingchatnoir: Ghost AU where Adrien got ra…


Ghost AU where Adrien got ran over by a car alongside his cat Plagg, and their souls kinda merged and that’s why he has cat ears and a tail. And Marinette, the new girl in town, for some reason is the only one that can see him. 

Marinette tries asking people for help about her whole ghost situation but no one believes her until she meets one of her classmates Alya who is a conspiracy theorist/supernatural enthusiast. Alya believes her after her “test” and she tries to help Marinette find out why she can only see Adrien and how to possibly get his soul freed. And they ofc become besties along the way!

And overtime Marinette falls for Adrien and really wishes she could kiss him. And since Adrien can’t blush, he glows instead when he gets flustered!

May do more for this AU since a lot of people seem to like it on insta. We shall see. 


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