This weekend @stella-sews and I made head cast…

This weekend @stella-sews and I made head casts of each other! I had been wanting to improve on my first head cast that I made a few years ago that hasn’t been truly usable due to some distortions in the mother mold. We both got our shoulders included in these which was another bonus.

We used about ¾ths of a gallon-sized kit of Smooth-On’s Body Double for the molds, and three rolls of their 8" plaster bandages. I’m regretting not buying more because I used almost two whole rolls for Stella’s mother mold and didn’t leave her with a lot to do mine with… If I do this again in the future I’m definitely getting two rolls per person. Stella suggested we add an extra layer of Body Double to my mold to make up for the thin mother mold I was going to get, and I think it helped tremendously. In the eighth picture you can see how my mold (left) is standing up better on its own with three coats per side instead of the two coats I used for Stella’s. The seventh picture is the amount of Body Double we pre-measured for my mold.

This evening we finished coating the molds with about an inch thick layer of hard plaster (type III dental stone, to resist wear due to sculpting/scraping) and we’re letting them cure for a day before backfilling them with foam and adding bases. I’m really looking forward to having this for a few of my upcoming projects!