Will didn’t know how much longer he could take it.

Every day.

Every hour.

They expected him to be perfect, but he was anything but. Riddled with secrets, his life was constructed from lie after lie after lie. And sooner or later, they would learn.

It was a miracle that they hadn’t yet. That they stilled loved him and believed his word.

Will stared into the mirror, hoping no one would notice the dark circles beneath his eyes, covered with thick, skin colored make up. The scars beneath his collar were burned into him with his falsehoods, injuries once told and never explained. Even the one who knew every inch of his body, and vice versa, never had been told the truth behind their origin.

The collar itched his throat, the silver threads rubbing against the sensitive skin.

The false Ranger tugged at the collar and swallowed. He missed the hood of his cloak that would hide his face, his treason, his lies, and would just present a shadow and an even faker smile. The wisp of cloth was still there, but no cloaks were allowed for the wedding. Capes.

Will stepped away from the mirror, eyes immediately falling to his hands, just as scarred as the rest of his body. He ran his right hand thumb over the ring on his left hand.

If most of his life was a lie, than at least those above have so far allowed him to have this one truth.

He turned away, and headed for the door. No hood meant no lie to hide behind, and at least this vow he would keep with his last breath.

That was…I’m speechless. There are no words to describe how…amazing and beautiful this is.