My cousin became my room mate as of two days ago and I’m already so put out cause I can no longer walk around the house nude/slightly nude

Trust me it could be worse, I grew up wanting to be a pilot for the RAAF.

So around early October last year, while living on the Gold Coast and crushing madly on my roommate I hear the roar of an F/a-18 fly over the house.

so I run out of the shower with nothing but a towel on into the backyard past my bewildered roommate.

so I stand there in a towel with a pair of sunnies on watching a flight of Hornets go over the house back to RAAF Amberley, before realising I’m practically naked in front of this woman, and she’s there next to me laughing asking what’s that important I’d run out of the shower hair still wet, in a towel & sunnies.