Hjortr plays Mount and Blade warband (PS4)

So a month in, game timeline here, I’ve been given land, right on the border between the Nordlands and Swadia, whom I’ve just started calling the English because it fits their aesthetic.

A month later we go to war with the Vaegir, the Russians, at the end of month 3 we have their entire kingdom all bar one lone castle and I have 3 nobleman as my prisoners.

Oh and I have a castle now too…

I really wanted to do a Ranger style play through, but it’s just too damn clunky, so I went for the Varangian/Saxon Huscarl road instead. Heavy hitting axes with a kite shield and a Dane Axe.

In game end of year one 1258ad(?), the kingdom of the Nords have taken all of the Vaegirs Lands, their nobility has fractured and pledged themselves to multiple different factions.

We’re currently at war with Swadia and have all but 4 of their castles, including their last capital city of Praven.

The situation has been tense with forces travelling too and from the north and south of our lands as the Khans and Sultanates have declared war on us a couple of time, giving and taking land, but ultimately suing for peace.

Our biggest foe will either be the Sultanate or the Kingdom of the Rhodoks.

My influence over King Ragnar is impressive, as is that over the Marshal and a couple of the larger Jarls.

The Warlord known only as Hjortr is beginning to gain influence on multiple Jarls and Counts, his army regularly defeats those twice its size numbering only 94, it is rumoured he has the throne as his endgame, only time will tell.