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Pokemon The First Movie || Mewtwo and Ai

OKAY THIS SHIT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH. Not that it exists, but the fact they cut it from the American movie. Mewtwo isn’t mad that he was an experiment. Mewtwo is mad because he was put into a simulated world and humans took everything he knew and loved away from him for no good reason. They took away his best friend with no explanation and made him simmer on that loss for years without a second thought about it before the American cut of the movie even starts where Mewtwo finds out he’s just an experiment and fucks shit up. I think Mewtwo would be more than happy to comply with the scientists wishes to be a super soldier if they didn’t fuck with his emotional stability so fucking hard for shits and giggles. Pokemon are generally very loyal to their trainers, one as intelligent as Mewtwo should be no different. Any sentient being would be thankful for a good life but that is not what they gave him. They fucked with what they knew was going to be the most powerful Pokemon ever to exist before he even was even developed enough to come out of the test tube. Hatred was bred into him and THEN WERE SURPRISED AND MADE HIM LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY WHEN HE WANTED TO KILL EVERYONE LIKE WHAT THE FUCK MEWTWO IS NOT THE BAD GUY HERE HE JUST WANTS JUSTICE FOR HIS FRIEND YALL KILLED FOR FUN. You can’t give someone that much power and be that corrupt in its upbringing and not expect it to take matters into his own hands. The English movie just makes him look like an irrational dick without seeing the first 20 minutes.

Holy shit I had no idea they even took anything out

Wow, movies are made and destroyed in the edit.

Fuck 4kids for changing this on me