How Can Star Wars Be So Good Even Though It’s So Deeply Flawed And Narratively Inconsistent And Was Created By A Dumbass

[picture of Marcia Lucas in the editing room]

Seriously, stop everything you’re doing for the next twenty minutes and watch this video:

Although “George Lucas” has become synonymous with “Star Wars,” it’s really his collaboration with – and occasionally intervention from – the creative team surrounding him that helped launch the first movie into the stratosphere.

As the video points out, the movie that won all those Academy Awards – including, critically, the one for editing – was sculpted into its best-known and deservingly praised form by the editing team of Marcia Lucas (seen above), Paul Hirsch and Richard Chew.

If you’re at all interested in filmmaking or specifically the making of Star Wars, I can’t recommend “How Star Wars was Saved in the Edit” enough.