Pvt Adams Quarters: most stupid questions in r…

Pvt Adams Quarters: most stupid questions in reenactment:


after watching the “ask a slave” webshow (and laughing a lot) i think we should get this trending.

we’ve all had them, right?

the utmost funniest / most stupid questions ever asked by mankind.

even tho i really enjoy talking to the public and explaining or showing things. sometimes i am just flabbergasted.

here’s my list, just off the top of my head. 

feel free to add your own!

1. Is that real fire?

2. is that real food / vegetables? (edit: i’ve seen plastic veggies on one event so far so there is a point to this one, a rather weird, deranged one)

3. do you know *enter name here*? either reenactor (usually from a totally different aera) but best close relative or ancestor of the person asking which somewhere in the last 100 years served in the same army you’re portraying ( i say army not regiment…)

4. Is that a real gun? 

5. are you using real ammo?

6. Do you eat the food you cook here?

7. *in camp looking at the tents* Where do you sleep?