fallschirmjager: 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe-Splitt…


2nd Pattern Luftwaffe-Splittermustern step in jump smock.

This is why I geeked on ofbattleandmen post of the Fallschirmjagers!

The camouflage pattern known as Luftwaffe-Splittermustern 40 was introduced right before the Crete Invasion. In pictures of the Crete invasion you will see the old apple-green “Knochensack” (bone-sack) first pattern step in jump smock, along with the newly introduced 2nd Pattern step in smock in the Luftwaffe-splittermustern-40.

Main:Luftwaffe-splitternmustern-40,second pattern step in jump smock.

Top right inset:Just like the first patter smock, it consisted of two rows of buttons, and a main zipper. On the Third patter smock the inner rows of button were eliminated.

Bottom right inset: The zipper on the left is the “relief zipper”, on the first pattern smocks there was no way a Fallschirmjager could relieve himself to take natures call other than taking the whole smock off. This second zipper eliminated the obvious problems of relieving oneself in the field of combat.